Wedding Catering


Brunch Holiday offers three Wedding Brunch Packages. Basic, Premium and Deluxe. We come out and serve your Wedding Brunch on the truck.

Basic is $15 per head. This includes one Main course, one side and one drink. For example “Shrimp & Grits, Homemade Pastries or fruit and Water”

Premium is $18 per head. This includes two main courses, one side, one dessert and two soft drink options.

Deluxe is $25 per head. This includes three main courses, two sides, two deserts and three soft drink options.


 Below are some of our Wedding offerings, we can work with you on any special requests.

Low Country

“Chef’s Special Shrimp & Grits” Low country holy smoke gravy infused with Peppers and British back bacon, Blackened Shrimp over stone ground SC creamy yellow Grits garnished with Pickled Peppers & Chives”

“Seasonal Organic Fruits” arranged and cut with infused organic Greek yogurts, as well as granola crumbles

“Homemade Mini Quiches” Spinach, Mushrooms and Irish Cheddar topped with Italian Parmesan.

“Homemade Assorted Fresh Pastries” Blueberry, Strawberry, Orange, Banana, Cream Cheese


“The British Breakfast” served with authentic British Back Bacon & Sausages, Baked Beans, Garden Fresh Herb Stewed Tomatoes, Black Pudding, Baked Beans, Two Eggs, Mushrooms, Hash Brown and Toast.

“British Bacon Butty Sliders” British Back Bacon on buttery Toasted Baked Brioche.

“The Gourmet B.E.C” British Back Bacon topped with Caramelized Onions, White Truffle Aioli on fresh baked brioche bun.